KHANS Aluminium

eTeck Industrial Park
Plaisance Park
Pointe A Pierre, Trinidad & Tobago


About Us


For over 45 years, our products have been widely regarded as the best in the region. This is because the most important asset to us is you, the customer. To ensure maximum satisfaction, our products are fully customizable to meet every individual’s need. Furthermore, they are built with the highest quality materials to withstand the tropical and sub-tropical climates. Finally, our competitive pricing ensures consumers get maximum value for their money.  

We are both retailers and wholesalers of our products and work with you from that initial phone call, until delivery to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and value.

Est. 1974

Our longevity is a reflection of:

Our mandate which is to always and genuinely put customers first.

Our strengths that we are trustworthy, reliable, and service-oriented.

Our reputation as a leader in the region is down to our ability to allow the customer the unique opportunity to customize designs to their tastes and budgets.

Our products which are known for their competitive pricing, high quality and durability.

Our staff who are cherished for their craft, expertise, candor, and customer service.

International Standards

Our products are made from the highest quality materials, which are carefully sourced from global markets.

A commitment to excellence means that we make the most durable and resilient aluminium and steel products for the tropical and sub-tropical climate, at the most competitive prices.

This is why we are trusted within the region for providing customers with unique, customizable, cost effective results, second to none.

We strive to guarantee 100% satisfaction, and provide warranties on all our fixtures.